Personal evangelism is ‘information in high definition’

Some forms of media and communication inherently transmit information in high definition, where what’s being communicated is right in your face. Uncertainty is resolved immediately and thoroughly. The media yells at you, like a newspaper or an action movie: it doesn’t hold back. There’s no guesswork or participation required on your part. McLuhan calls this “Hot” media. —Alex Danco

Personal evangelism, face to face, is “information in high definition” where “uncertainty is resolved immediately and thoroughly.” There is no substitute for it. Continue reading “Personal evangelism is ‘information in high definition’”

Prayer and ministry of the Word

This article was submitted to the missions magazine of the World Evangelism Ministry, Global Harvest.

Proclaimers of the gospel have a double responsibility. Before they step out into the street or into the home of someone outside of Christ, they ought to double their knees in prayer. When his people pray, God acts in ways that he otherwise would not.

When the Grecian widows were being neglected in the Jerusalem congregation, the apostles declined to do this work. They had been given a different service. Peter replied for the Twelve, “But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word” Acts 6.4.

These two elements are noteworthy. They constitute the two great activities of apostles and of all proclaimers of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Continue reading “Prayer and ministry of the Word”

How to reach somebody. Or, don’t phone them—text.

How to reach people? It depends on the person. If you want to reach me, email me. That’s the quickest way. If you send me a message on some social medium, I may not see it for a day or two.

Other people won’t read email. Others, especially young people, don’t answer phone calls—you have to text them. I seldom answer or return phone calls originating out of our area. I may not see a text message for hours or even a day. Continue reading “How to reach somebody. Or, don’t phone them—text.”

Call for reports for Global Harvest

This email came from Betty Choate:

I am putting together a new issue of our mission magazine, Global Harvest, and would like to include a report about the work you are doing. If you would send that report digitally, along with one or two photos, that would be very helpful. I do receive printed reports from some of you, and even PDF reports by email from others, but to use files from those formats means that I have to type the contents myself — and I am always short on time. If you can help me with speeding up the process, and at the same time allow me the opportunity to spread the word to others about your work, that would be of benefit to God’s kingdom. I hope to hear from you ASAP, so that I can get this project finished and move on to other work that needs to be done. God bless you. I will be watching for your email. Blessings, Betty

I can’t guarantee she’ll publish everything she receives, but this would be a good opportunity for some friends.

They thought I was radical and hard

Most people want to be seen by others in a positive light. We want to be liked and accepted. This is good, until this desire overpowers the commitment to be faithful to Christ.

Jesus told people the truth. The truth saves and frees. But because people loved their bondage, they found his truth hard to accept. They were offended by it, so they deserted him and refused to follow him any more, Jn 6.60-66.

So I was dismayed and encouraged in March, when I went to the National Christian Workers Encounter, at what I heard. Continue reading “They thought I was radical and hard”

Children’s home renews spiritual training


By Edmilson José de Souza — I assumed the position of Executive Director in April, 2015. I had already been a part of the board of directors for several years. My name is Edmilson, and I’m a member of the church of Christ in Jundiaí. I serve as a deacon.

First, I’d like to thank greatly the financial contribution that you have made to the home. Your help has been a great blessing.

Your help makes it possible to purchase food and other necessities to maintain the every-day routine of the home, as well as provide some moments of recreation for the children.

A new president of the home also was installed when we assumed the board of directors. Then we noted a number of unfavorable situations that needed changes, with much patience and prayer. Continue reading “Children’s home renews spiritual training”

Carolina Messenger: What the church needs to know about missions

See the editorial for the Mar/Apr 2016 issue: “This issue of the Carolina Messenger serves to highlight some of the matters that congregations of the Lord’s church need to think about when it comes to mission work. … Therefore, each of the subjects covered in this issue will focus on making the church in the United States more aware of what missionaries face and how churches might better serve mission efforts.”

So far, we see two articles posted on the subject, on the challenges and blessings of missions.