What I did in February

Put briefly, I packed and flew! I left the U.S.A. on Monday, Feb 22 and arrived in Bangladesh Wednesday, Feb 24. Ibon Halder picked me up at the airport in Dhaka upon my 8:30 a.m. arrival, and we went to one of his relatives house for breakfast, plus a shower and change of clothes. That really felt good. That 36 hour or longer travel time just gets harder and harder.
We arrived in Khulna, at the Bible College about 10 p.m. after conducting some business in Dhaka, departing about 3:00 and driving hard. Conditions at KBC are fine. I spent the remainder of the week resting from the trip and getting organized for classes beginning Monday, March 1 (yesterday). I am teaching two courses, “Hebrew History 1” (Genesis – Deuteronomy) and “Revelation”. I thoroughly enjoy both studies.
Early and mid February were devoted to getting organized for the trip, but I was able to preach twice at Highland Park, the last two Sunday nights before departure. I promised the congregation “interesting titles” for those lessons. The first, on February 14 was entitled “An Existential Application of the Monophysite Doctrine of Christology” (yes, really!). The subtitle (i.e., translation) was “Experiencing the Oneness of God”. On the 21st I went the other direction with “The Gospel According to Humpty Dumpty”. I got good response to both lessons. I did not set out to cover the spectrum of “comprehension levels” with my titles; it just sort of worked out that way. It was fun though, and the lessons were both well received and, I think, quite practical and beneficial.

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