Book: The Spirituality of Fund-raising

This 40-page booklet by Henri J. M. Nouwen was once offered for free, back when I ordered it, but not now. I suppose they thought it more spiritual to charge an absurd $13.50 for it. I benefited from it, but probably wouldn’t pay that price for that few pages, especially considering that there’s only about 27 pages of actual text. OK, so it is a slick, full-color print job on every page.

If you don’t have a good handle on what I’d call the theology of fund-raising, it might be a good investment as you begin or seek to sustain your missionary task. I’ve heard a few brethren raising funds who desperately need to read it, but they probably think they have a handle on how to do it.

The booklet is the transcript of a speech Nouwen gave to a foundation. He has good words. If it provides you with a context for fund-raising, that might just justify the price since it could leverage your efforts.

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