Biblical articles from a mission perspective

Alabaman Mike Brooks has been writing for quite a while as a columnist for Forthright Magazine. His column is called “Field Notes,” reflecting his experiences in Nepal and Bangladesh. Mike spends about six months a year in those two countries. He normally uses some event or happening as a starting point for his articles. These serve as an excellent perspective to keep one from getting too comfortable with one’s own culture.

Others who write for Forthright also have cross-cultural experience. Jon Galloway lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Stan Mitchell grew up in Africa, son of a missionary. Yours Truly, of course, is a marathon guy in Brazil.

So reading Forthright Magazine, you get a huge dose of missions. FMag is unique in that way. Another good reason to sign up.

The ongoing need for sustainable missions

I almost let the Gospel Progress website go by the wayside. There’s not much demand for it. Most missionaries and missions trainers already have too much to do, yours truly included. And what difference would one little website make in the big scheme of things?

But didn’t the Lord say that where one or two are gathered, he is there in their midst? The context? Saving a soul. Continue reading “The ongoing need for sustainable missions”