Kick back and enjoy the fellowship at mission retreat

Maywood Missionary RetreatSince 2007, a group of faithful servants organizes and hosts a retreat for all those interested in the spread of the gospel around the world. Held at a Christian camp with great facilities (including air conditioning) in Hamilton AL, the three-day event has cost, in the past, about $10 a day. That includes all you can eat at meals and in between.

Then there are speeches by experienced missionary and evangelistic brothers, entertainment, free resources, and close fellowship.

Organizer Wayne Barrier just announced the dates for 2013: May 9-11, Thursday through Saturday.

Come be a part, relax, and enjoy a moment to consider the wonderful mission given to us as God’s people.

Dates and theme announced for 2012 event

Wayne and Janet Barrier, organizers for the Maywood Missionary Retreat, announced yesterday the dates and theme for the 2012 event.

Held annually at the Maywood Christian Camp, the dates for this year are May 10-12.

The theme will focus on “Priorities for Missions Today.”

With the confirmation of speakers, the names and topics will be announced soon.

The retreat is open to all Christians interested in missions. The event serves missionaries, supporters, prospective missionaries, and interested Christians in churches of Christ.

The retreat is sponsored by the World Evangelism School of Missions and the Double Springs (Ala.) Church of Christ.

Photos and special report

Don Petty just published a special report of the Maywood Missionary Retreat, with a collection of pictures, on his “Planting the Original Seed” ezine. Check it out HERE. The tally for the event was 92 in attendance.

The next event, says Don, is planned for May 10-12, 2012. Make your plans to participate!

Speakers, info for next month’s retreat

The best deal in the brotherhood! For $10 a night you get all the food you can eat (24/7!), all the fellowship you can handle, all the teaching and inspiration you can hold — in the midst of God’s nature and the comfort of the Maywood Christian Camp.

The speakers are lined up. Some of these guys have so much experience, they knew Moses. Others are just getting rid of the green around the gills.

Oh, and entertainment is provided at no extra cost, on Thursday night. The Barrier pickins and grinnings, plus some. No painted clowns, though.

So come along, enjoy the fellowship and be inspired by what God is doing in the world and by the power of his word.

Speakers include Colin McKee, Don Petty, Don Posey, Gordon Hogan, Roy Wilson, Loy Mitchell, Randal Matheny, Robert Martin, James Jones, Don Green, Randy English and Ronnie Crocker.

For full details, download the PDF file by clicking here: MAYWOOD MISSIONARY RETREAT-2010