They thought I was radical and hard

Most people want to be seen by others in a positive light. We want to be liked and accepted. This is good, until this desire overpowers the commitment to be faithful to Christ.

Jesus told people the truth. The truth saves and frees. But because people loved their bondage, they found his truth hard to accept. They were offended by it, so they deserted him and refused to follow him any more, Jn 6.60-66.

So I was dismayed and encouraged in March, when I went to the National Christian Workers Encounter, at what I heard. Continue reading “They thought I was radical and hard”

‘Love one another’

This research illustrates what we already knew because the Bible tells us so, so it’s a good reminder:

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Harvard public policy professor Robert D. Putnam has a tongue-in-cheek suggestion for pastors: “Spend less time on the sermons, and more time arranging the church suppers.”

That’s because research by Putnam and Chaeyoon Lim, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, shows that the more church friends a person has, the happier he or she is. Continue reading “‘Love one another’”