Children’s home renews spiritual training


By Edmilson José de Souza — I assumed the position of Executive Director in April, 2015. I had already been a part of the board of directors for several years. My name is Edmilson, and I’m a member of the church of Christ in Jundiaí. I serve as a deacon.

First, I’d like to thank greatly the financial contribution that you have made to the home. Your help has been a great blessing.

Your help makes it possible to purchase food and other necessities to maintain the every-day routine of the home, as well as provide some moments of recreation for the children.

A new president of the home also was installed when we assumed the board of directors. Then we noted a number of unfavorable situations that needed changes, with much patience and prayer. Continue reading “Children’s home renews spiritual training”

Will this pioneer work continue?

Rolfe and Valeria
Rolfe and Valeria

After two years in a brotherhood training program, the young couple Rolfe and Valeria began, by themselves, a new work in a Brazilian state capital in March, 2012.

The city is São Luís, on the South Atlantic Ocean, with over a million in population. The state, Maranhão, at the western edge of the northeast region of Brazil

No work by churches of Christ has ever been done in this city before. Rolfe and Valeria wanted to see the gospel reach this untouched city for Christ. They have God’s mission at heart, and their commitment to this purpose is strong. Continue reading “Will this pioneer work continue?”

Gospel in Brazilian cities with greatest GNP

Gospel in Brazil
Goiânia, capital of Goiás state in Brazil

In this list of 20 Brazilian municipalities ranked by GDP, only two do not have, as far as I know, churches of the Lord: #15, Duque de Caixias, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and #20 Goiânia, capital of the state of Goiás.

I believe that a Brazilian team is preparing for the latter, and we pray they are not taking a false gospel there, since they are being sent by the progressive Great Cities ministry. (UPDATE: That team disbanded. There are no plans, apparently, to evangelize this city.) Continue reading “Gospel in Brazilian cities with greatest GNP”

Brazilian Zeal Mission Report, Jan/Feb ’10

Check out this page where you’ll find a pdf file for our first (bi)monthly report of this year, of Volume 26!

I’m suggesting to the GPMG members that they provide on the site here a one-paragraph summary, at least, of their activities of the previous month. Ought to be interesting! Here’s my paragraph:

January is the main vacation month in Brazil. So there are three Christian camp sessions, each a week long, by age. Leila served as a monitor for her first time, during the second week for ages 11-13. Then she stayed through for the third week as a camper. Then, only a couple of weeks later, she returned for the three-day session during the Carnaval holiday in February.

There’s a saying in Brazil that the country only starts to work after Carnaval. A bit of truth to that, unfortunately. So things start really gearing up in late February or March. Even the effects of it are felt in the church. Many travel, attendance is down, some events are canceled for lack of warm bodies. Now maybe we can get things moving!