Roy Davison marks 50 years in Belgium


Today on, brother Roy Davison shared his perspective on his 50 years spent in kingdom service in Belgium.

Among his many works are the websites he maintains:

In 97 I launched the Old Paths Archive on the Internet ( which now has about a thousand visitors each day. I also publish 20 other web sites with teaching material in Dutch, French, German, Russian and Chinese. All of these sites combined get about a million visitors per year.

From a supporting congregation, Max Craddock wrote:

Roy has been a faithful servant in serving the Lord. It has been our privilege at Strathmore to distribute his lessons on the Church. Through these and his website(s) he has been able to share the gospel with people world wide. May God bless him with many more years of service. Max Craddock, Strathmore Blvd church of Christ, Toronto, ON. Canada

Among the comments on the site were Larry Murdock’s:

What a wonderful life of faithfulness, persistence, and reward…but the best is yet to come! Thank you Roy and Rita and all your brethren who have demonstrated that “yes, we can be New Testament Christians, and yes, we can have a New Testament church in the world today.”

Read Roy’s entire post at this link.

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