Call for reports for Global Harvest

This email came from Betty Choate:

I am putting together a new issue of our mission magazine, Global Harvest, and would like to include a report about the work you are doing. If you would send that report digitally, along with one or two photos, that would be very helpful. I do receive printed reports from some of you, and even PDF reports by email from others, but to use files from those formats means that I have to type the contents myself — and I am always short on time. If you can help me with speeding up the process, and at the same time allow me the opportunity to spread the word to others about your work, that would be of benefit to God’s kingdom. I hope to hear from you ASAP, so that I can get this project finished and move on to other work that needs to be done. God bless you. I will be watching for your email. Blessings, Betty

I can’t guarantee she’ll publish everything she receives, but this would be a good opportunity for some friends.

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