How to reach somebody. Or, don’t phone them—text.

How to reach people? It depends on the person. If you want to reach me, email me. That’s the quickest way. If you send me a message on some social medium, I may not see it for a day or two.

Other people won’t read email. Others, especially young people, don’t answer phone calls—you have to text them. I seldom answer or return phone calls originating out of our area. I may not see a text message for hours or even a day.

Each person has his favorite or more comfortable means of communicating with others.

So to reach someone it all depends on both the message and the means of communicating that message.

This has implications for the gospel. It is not likely that everyone can be reached simultaneously, using the same means of communication. There must be a decision on what means, or methods, if you prefer, to use in order to reach others. Study is necessary to know what means a certain class or group of people use to communicate, so that the message has a better chance to reach them.

It is important to recognize that a single means of communication will not reach everyone. An attempt to reach everyone through a single means will likely fail.

In order to proclaim the gospel to everyone, the multiple gifts in the body of Christ must be employed and the many means available to communicate to others must be engaged.

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