They thought I was radical and hard

Most people want to be seen by others in a positive light. We want to be liked and accepted. This is good, until this desire overpowers the commitment to be faithful to Christ.

Jesus told people the truth. The truth saves and frees. But because people loved their bondage, they found his truth hard to accept. They were offended by it, so they deserted him and refused to follow him any more, Jn 6.60-66.

So I was dismayed and encouraged in March, when I went to the National Christian Workers Encounter, at what I heard.

Two brothers in Christ shared comments made by their sons. One said I was radical. The other, that I was hard. That dismayed me.

But I was encouraged by the fathers’ replies to their sons. The comment by the first I remember well. “But you need to get to know him.” The second brother said something similar. That encouraged me.

Let us tell people what they may think are truths difficult to accept. At the same time, let us show them the love of Christ, who wants all people to be saved.


2 thoughts on “They thought I was radical and hard

  1. We have, I guess, been taught how important first impressions are, that we have forgotten that first impressions can also be quite deceiving, and that the work of understanding others is just that: work. For what its worth, I never had such an impression of you. Although we have never laid eyes on one another, when I think of faithful servants of God, your name always tops my list. You have blessed my life more than I can express. I know no one who loves the serves the Lord more ardently, and none with whom I would rather be associated on this earth.

    1. Brother, you’re much too kind. In Brazil I’m known for not budging on essential doctrines and for not making bones about it. In some people’s book, that’s harsh.

      Pray for us. The battle is fierce.

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