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This from today’s issue of Don Petty’s weekly email to his 70 gents, with his blanket permission:

This is my very brief summary of Philip Slate’s paper.
Contact Brother Slate for the details of his entire paper. Don Petty

Myanmar Interest group
by Philip Slate

1.  DO ALL YOU CAN TO INTERACT WITH THE LOCAL CULTURE ON ITS OWN TERMS, just as Paul did when he approached first Jews in the synagogue and then Gentiles.  Check out the respective sermons to Jews and Gentiles recorded in Acts and notice the differences.

2.  THINK CHURCH.  The development of works that will last, depends heavily upon the welding of converts into meaningful local assemblies.

3.  BE CAREFUL ABOUT IMPORTING “FOREIGN” WAYS AND MEANS.  The ways of doing God’s work and “doing church” in our experience “back home” may not be appropriate in another culture.

4.  STRIVE TO BE UNITED, STRENGTHENING AND PRAYING FOR EACH OTHER.  We are engaged in Christ’s cause, not ours.

5.  SHARE VALUABLE LITERATURE WITH EACH OTHER.  Whenever you come across a valuable article on work anywhere in Asia, share it with others who work there.  You might bless someone with very valuable insight.

Brotherly, C. Philip Slate
(615) 584-2350

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