Personal evangelism is ‘information in high definition’

Some forms of media and communication inherently transmit information in high definition, where what’s being communicated is right in your face. Uncertainty is resolved immediately and thoroughly. The media yells at you, like a newspaper or an action movie: it doesn’t hold back. There’s no guesswork or participation required on your part. McLuhan calls this “Hot” media. —Alex Danco

Personal evangelism, face to face, is “information in high definition” where “uncertainty is resolved immediately and thoroughly.” There is no substitute for it.

The author of the quote above gets into politics and misses the boat on some things. But my interest is in how this paragraph illustrates so well that personal evangelism is the best of all worlds when it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission.

In a study I had just this morning, we got off track from our usual series. There were other subjects that needed to be addressed. Later, he texted me that it was really what he was needing. So we resolved immediately and thoroughly the uncertainty.

Mass media has many advantages, but this is not one of them. At some point, the “hot media” of personal study is needed, where the guesswork or piecing together of the parts of information is not needed. The personal evangelist is able to lay it out plainly and simply. That’s where the power is.

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