Is there no gift of evangelism?

In an attempt to discourage his people from claiming its lack, the Baptist Mr. Stetzer affirms there is no gift of evangelism and therefore all are charged with the task of evangelism.

Some among us have also excused themselves from the direct task of proclamation of the gospel by claiming the lack of said gift. The problem he notes in his denomination is also a challenge in the Lord’s church.

Teachers among us have said that God has called some to be evangelists and called all of us to evangelize. The whole church must engage to fulfill her Lord’s mission, whatever be the individual members’ gifts.

Mr. Stetzer’s points are well taken. But I wonder: do we need to affirm that there is no gift of evangelism at all among us, rare though it may be, and more rare though it become? Is it the sword that slices Gordian’s knot, or a slip of logic that steps us further from the truth?

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