Do missionaries feel the greater burden of ‘serious praying’?

Watchful prayerMike Brooks writes today in Forthright Magazine about “Serious Praying,” an excellent reflection based on two important words in 1 Peter 4.7. Recommended.

Let’s be sure to pray for Mike’s return from Asia to the US.

The question his article brings to mind is this: Do missionaries and all those who are seriously engaged in doing the Lord’s work to save souls feel a greater burden to pray with greater seriousness and devotion? Do their personal situations and the souls upon whom they have set their sights urge them to more fervent prayer?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Do missionaries feel the greater burden of ‘serious praying’?

  1. Mike writes, “Prayer is serious business. It is not to be engaged in lightly or carelessly. We are asking for the attention of the almighty ruler of the universe. That is not given negligently.” I’ve heard so many prememorized prayers it hurts.

    1. Part of the responsibility lies with elders who put just anybody up in the front to lead a prayer, men unqualified to lead the thoughts of the congregation. Not everyone has been given that gift. We need to rethink how we choose men to serve in the meetings.

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