Are we or are we not, and does it matter?

Dallas-based Missions Resource Network sent out the Feb 2014 issue of their electronic newsletter today, called “The Messenger.” In it they recommend discounted missionary housing, one of which is the Mission to Missionaries in Tenn.

So I wrote to the MRN people and asked this:

Two questions:
The mission to missionaries accomodations that you recommend in your newsletter says it provides for the missionary who “(1) serves under the umbrella of an evangelical missionary organization”.
1. Do you consider yourselves, and churches of Christ, properly, as evangelicals?

2. How are church-supported missionaries helped by this if one must be “under the umbrella of an evangelical missionary organization,” i.e., a mission board or society?

I expect them to waffle on these questions, as progressives generally do. The board of trustees is a mixed bag, most of them from progressive colleges and churches. The daily operation seems to be run by people who don’t mind hobnobbing with denominationals.

Brothers and sisters, I’m tired of seeing our people pretend to be what they are not. It’s time to declare ourselves clearly what we are. Either we are evangelicals and just another denomination or we are not. This difference is as large as the chasm between the rich man in torment and Lazarus in paradise.

We cannot continue to pretend that people can do one or the other and the church still remain united. Neither can we play the middle. Too much is at stake. Those who believe that evangelical denominations are damnable divisions must hold the line against those who are willing to fellowship them.

It really is that simple.

Correction: Last line read “aren’t willing.” It has been changed to “are willing.”

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