Back a long-term missionary

Missions SupportStan Mitchell has an article today on Forthright Magazine making an appeal especially to elders. He begins,

If there are any elders out there considering taking on a new mission work, I want to make a plea. Back a long-term missionary, not an extra-church organization, and not a part-timer.

Then he lists reasons why long-terms missions is so necessary.

This jibes with an appeal I saw from someone who flits from one place to another in missions, for permanent, on-the-ground missionaries to help in a work he started but wasn’t willing to see through. Hmmm.

Though I’m projecting as far as the author’s thinking, Stan contrasts support for long-term missions with extra-church organizations and part-timers because churches are now heavily involved in such efforts, so much so that support for long-term missionaries is at an all-time low.

Would you agree with that assessment?

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