Children’s home renews spiritual training


By Edmilson José de Souza — I assumed the position of Executive Director in April, 2015. I had already been a part of the board of directors for several years. My name is Edmilson, and I’m a member of the church of Christ in Jundiaí. I serve as a deacon.

First, I’d like to thank greatly the financial contribution that you have made to the home. Your help has been a great blessing.

Your help makes it possible to purchase food and other necessities to maintain the every-day routine of the home, as well as provide some moments of recreation for the children.

A new president of the home also was installed when we assumed the board of directors. Then we noted a number of unfavorable situations that needed changes, with much patience and prayer.

The children had few activities, even when it came to spirituality. So we hired another employee, a social worker, to provide support in this area. Since then, six children have been enrolled in several educational courses, and we have ready for approval a class in martial arts.

In the spiritual area, we noticed that none of the children were going to church on Sundays, nor was any spiritual work being done with them.

We began to take the children to church again. Whenever possible, I personally take them with me to the congregation in Jundiaí. [Editor: There is also a congregation in Cabreúva.] We’re starting a weekly effort with the children in the home and are including them in the youth group of the Jundiaí congregation.

All is fine in the area of technical support. We have a psychologist and two social workers, one of which is our coordinator.

A psychologist and all those responsible for the social action of the home (social work) accompany all the children. The same can be said for the families of the children in the home.

I’d like to reiterate our appreciation for all the brethren who contribute to this work.

May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be will all.

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