Getting people into the Word of God

The means by which we put people in contact with the will of God, and usher them into his presence is by getting people into the Word — reading and studying the Bible. As his inspired Word, the Bible is at the center of our faith. So at every point we seek to encourage others to read for themselves, to understand what the will of the Lord is.

At the beginning of 2010 we distributed in print and on the Internet a reading plan for the New Testament. We did it first in Portuguese, then translated it into English. It’s been updated for 2011, and is at this site for free distribution, in PDF format. Some of its positive characteristics are also described there.

2 thoughts on “Getting people into the Word of God

  1. Jim Holway suggested a book to me several years ago that you might find interesting. The thesis is that we should get a group of three people of the same gender together, read 20 – 30 chapters of the Bible each week and then get together to discuss. Later another person can be added but always with the idea of creating a new group of three. There is also a bookmark with some serious accountability questions to be asked each week. I did this in Charlotte with two other men but we didn’t want to break up our group so never expanded it. I’m considering trying it here in Honduras. The name of the book is “Cultivating a Life for God: Multiplying Disciples Through Life Transformation Groups” by Neil Cole

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