Fulfilling the mission from a hospital bed

On Daniel Howell’s blog, “The Christian Practice,” Martha Howell offers five solid suggestions for “Hospital Bed Evangelism.”

What about the homebound, the hospital bound, the nursing home bound? Does this mean that they’re out of luck when it comes to trying to fulfill this command? Absolutely not. Here are some ideas for personal evangelism that are completely doable from a hospital bed…

One of her points deals with attitude.

Have the right (cheerful, thankful, etc.) attitude! If you’re around nurses, doctors, or other caregivers, focus on being a grateful patient. Let them see that you’re different, even if you’re in pain, sick, or not wanting to be on bed rest!

Other points: Use the Internet, write snail-mail letters, pray, study. The article is worth a read, at the link above.

One thought on “Fulfilling the mission from a hospital bed

  1. How true! I never cease to be amazed at those who may not be able to help out in some of the more physical aspects of outreach or other areas within a congregation’s life and don’t think they can do anything. Have we so emphasised doing and “being seen” that we have neglected the important things like prayer, study, encouraging others? I am growing to appreciate more and more those who you never hear about, but are there praying and making a difference without ever being seen.

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