February in East Kilbride

First of all, my apologies for not posting yet. Randal invited me and I accepted, then it became very busy (what’s new?!!). Anyway, at his prompting I thought I’d do a quick summary of February.

Winter continues in Scotland – like many areas we have had a real winter this year (as I type there is still snow on the ground). The month began in the middle of a winter Sunday evening series on Creation vs Evolution. I presented four lessons and we concluded with a film emphasising God’s creative activity in the Universe. Our normal Sunday evening attendance in East Kilbride is in the 20s with rarely a visitor. We averaged for these five Sundays 59 with an average of 6 visitors. I’d always been told that winter is not the time to do an outreach event, that no one would come. I think that bit of “wisdom” can now be shelved! I am hoping that our elders will agree to doing something similar each winter. To be honest, I was looking to simply get everyone a bit more excited during our dreary winter – they were and it turned out well for the Lord’s work here.

I also spoke for a weekend series in mid-February in a joint effort between the Hyvots Bank (Edinburgh) and Kirkcaldy congregations. The theme I was given was “If there is a God, where are we without Him?” I used Friday night to discuss God’s existence, Saturday to look at the need to do something in response to Him, and Sunday I used three lessons to look further at God. Attendances were higher than normal and I felt it was a good series. By the way, I believe the Kirkcaldy congregation is arguably the oldest congregation in continuous existence. They appointed their first elders in 1798 and were in existence for quite a few years before that. I’ll stop.

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