‘God gives us what we need’


This is a good quote from the CoE head man:

“When Pharaoh kept the people of God slaves he instructed them to make bricks but didn’t give them the straw they needed to make them. Our God is entirely the opposite – God charges us with a task then gives us what we need.”

Also, see the CoE’s new evangelistic resource, a 64-page booklet that can be downloaded — if you give them your email. I’ve not gotten it, but you might find a morsel or two in it after you get through scraping away the doctrinal and organizational gunk.

The CoE appears to be waking up to the fact that they’re in extinction. Panic mode, maybe?

UPDATE: My apologies for not going through the download process to discover this note: “Free copies only apply to the UK and Ireland. If you wish to buy a copy please email fundraising@churcharmy.org.uk.”

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