A new sister

It’s been well over a week since I’ve spent time in my study – we were fortunate to have a study seminar last week with Paul Pollard from Harding teaching the Gospel of John – an excellent week.  At the end of the previous week there was great rejoicing as Jacqueline Donnelly obeyed the gospel.  We contacted her through the simple means of a leaflet introducing the congregation being dropped through her door.  She contacted us, which led to a visit, which eventually led to a study, and a year later we have a new sister in Christ.  Amazing!

I’ve often been told that leaflets are a waste of time (even here where I am now working).  It is great to see that simple things like putting leaflets through doors still reach some people.  My conclusion: we need to do everything we can do to reach the lost.  Keep Jacqueline in your prayers!

What I did in February

Put briefly, I packed and flew! I left the U.S.A. on Monday, Feb 22 and arrived in Bangladesh Wednesday, Feb 24. Ibon Halder picked me up at the airport in Dhaka upon my 8:30 a.m. arrival, and we went to one of his relatives house for breakfast, plus a shower and change of clothes. That really felt good. That 36 hour or longer travel time just gets harder and harder.
We arrived in Khulna, at the Bible College about 10 p.m. after conducting some business in Dhaka, departing about 3:00 and driving hard. Conditions at KBC are fine. I spent the remainder of the week resting from the trip and getting organized for classes beginning Monday, March 1 (yesterday). I am teaching two courses, “Hebrew History 1” (Genesis – Deuteronomy) and “Revelation”. I thoroughly enjoy both studies.
Early and mid February were devoted to getting organized for the trip, but I was able to preach twice at Highland Park, the last two Sunday nights before departure. I promised the congregation “interesting titles” for those lessons. The first, on February 14 was entitled “An Existential Application of the Monophysite Doctrine of Christology” (yes, really!). The subtitle (i.e., translation) was “Experiencing the Oneness of God”. On the 21st I went the other direction with “The Gospel According to Humpty Dumpty”. I got good response to both lessons. I did not set out to cover the spectrum of “comprehension levels” with my titles; it just sort of worked out that way. It was fun though, and the lessons were both well received and, I think, quite practical and beneficial.

February in East Kilbride

First of all, my apologies for not posting yet. Randal invited me and I accepted, then it became very busy (what’s new?!!). Anyway, at his prompting I thought I’d do a quick summary of February.

Winter continues in Scotland – like many areas we have had a real winter this year (as I type there is still snow on the ground). The month began in the middle of a winter Sunday evening series on Creation vs Evolution. I presented four lessons and we concluded with a film emphasising God’s creative activity in the Universe. Our normal Sunday evening attendance in East Kilbride is in the 20s with rarely a visitor. We averaged for these five Sundays 59 with an average of 6 visitors. I’d always been told that winter is not the time to do an outreach event, that no one would come. I think that bit of “wisdom” can now be shelved! I am hoping that our elders will agree to doing something similar each winter. To be honest, I was looking to simply get everyone a bit more excited during our dreary winter – they were and it turned out well for the Lord’s work here.

I also spoke for a weekend series in mid-February in a joint effort between the Hyvots Bank (Edinburgh) and Kirkcaldy congregations. The theme I was given was “If there is a God, where are we without Him?” I used Friday night to discuss God’s existence, Saturday to look at the need to do something in response to Him, and Sunday I used three lessons to look further at God. Attendances were higher than normal and I felt it was a good series. By the way, I believe the Kirkcaldy congregation is arguably the oldest congregation in continuous existence. They appointed their first elders in 1798 and were in existence for quite a few years before that. I’ll stop.