Children’s home renews spiritual training


By Edmilson José de Souza — I assumed the position of Executive Director in April, 2015. I had already been a part of the board of directors for several years. My name is Edmilson, and I’m a member of the church of Christ in Jundiaí. I serve as a deacon.

First, I’d like to thank greatly the financial contribution that you have made to the home. Your help has been a great blessing.

Your help makes it possible to purchase food and other necessities to maintain the every-day routine of the home, as well as provide some moments of recreation for the children.

A new president of the home also was installed when we assumed the board of directors. Then we noted a number of unfavorable situations that needed changes, with much patience and prayer. Continue reading “Children’s home renews spiritual training”

Kick back and enjoy the fellowship at mission retreat

Maywood Missionary RetreatSince 2007, a group of faithful servants organizes and hosts a retreat for all those interested in the spread of the gospel around the world. Held at a Christian camp with great facilities (including air conditioning) in Hamilton AL, the three-day event has cost, in the past, about $10 a day. That includes all you can eat at meals and in between.

Then there are speeches by experienced missionary and evangelistic brothers, entertainment, free resources, and close fellowship.

Organizer Wayne Barrier just announced the dates for 2013: May 9-11, Thursday through Saturday.

Come be a part, relax, and enjoy a moment to consider the wonderful mission given to us as God’s people.

New Mission Opportunity

Lance and Kristen Mosher are preparing to join the newly established work in Poriua, New Zealand, and they need financial support. You are invited to visit their website to learn more about them and their plans:  Lance has developed good teaching materials that can be viewed at  He is currently serving as an evangelist for the Lord’s church in Finger, TN, and in the past six months alone he has baptized eight souls into Christ. The Moshers will be working under the oversight of the elders of the Chalmette, LA church of Christ. Contact details are as follows: 45 Church Street, Finger, TN 38334. Phone: 731-215-7191. E-mail: Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Initial proposal

This site, as it now stands, is a proposal to several friends as the first step toward firming up the idea to work more closely together.

Much has already been done in that regard. We work together on a number of projects, or are in the planning stages. This site should serve to pull the strands together and start weaving a beautiful tapestry.

In this site will go information about the individual efforts and mission reports, as well as status updates on other projects of common interest.

So let’s start exchanging ideas and seeing where the Lord will lead us as we seek to be ever more effective in his kingdom.