Knowing what the mission is

Many people have a strong sense of mission, but have little clue as to its nature. Doing good for God is about as exact an idea as they have. With such vagueness, it’s no wonder that little is actually accomplished for good.

The Word of God is clear what Jesus’ mission was and what ours is, as his followers and imitators.

We need the tools and the means that will allow us to accomplish that mission in the most efficient and effective way, in the least amount of time possible. But until we are clear on the mission’s objective, everything else will be but mere thrashing around in the bushes.

How are missionaries like tomatoes?

So says gardener Christine Berglund in her Forthright Magazine column today. writing about “fishers of men” in general:

Sometimes the word “support” is used synonymously with “money” when it comes to our church workers. In reality, they need much more than a paycheck, although let’s not neglect that!

And while we are on that subject, it’s a shame that the monetary support does not often continue past a few years, and then precious time is spent away from the work so that support can be raised, again.

She knows whereof she speaks, it would seem, describing the situation well. Perhaps the article will serve as one more reminder of the needs for the church of God can fill and the mission task it must take more seriously.

God to generic prayers: How do you want me to bless them?

It is commendable that one would be aware of those who have left home and family to take the gospel to remote places around the world and the need for God’s blessings on their ministry; but I find myself wondering how God must respond to such generic appeals. Which missionaries? Where? How do you want me to bless them? via God Bless the Missionaries | Splash Everywhere.

Take away the denominational language and theological bugs in this article, then see if this article has something to say to us. Whatcha think?