Obstacles or Opportunities? Kevin Moore knows the answer

Kevin Moore has an amazing article, special to The Fellowship Room, on “Obstacles or Opportunities?” Truths we know, but he has an amazing way of expressing it, all the way from New Zealand.

Is this God’s way of telling us that what we’re attempting to do is not His will? Or could it be something else trying to hinder us? It can’t be the former, because we know what the divine will is – go, preach, make disciples. So we press on.

Be sure to give it a good read, maybe even a second or third.

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Stan Mitchell honors Roy Palmer

In his Forthright Magazine column, FHU prof Stan Mitchell, who grew up in Zimbabwe, writes about missionary Roy Palmer.

He always had an idea; he was always dreaming a dream.

Not all of his dreams worked out. Men he trusted disappointed him. Not everyone saw his vision as clearly as he. Often they scoffed at his ideas. He made mistakes, even enemies. His body grew old. But never his ideas.

God give us more dreamers like him.

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Two more in; accidents happen

From Belgium, Roy Davison has confirmed his participation in the group, as have Robert and Michal Swain of Gospel Opportunities based in Vilonia AR. We’re glad to have them join Barbara Oliver, Mike Brooks and me as we get underway.

Robert and another brother left today for Costa Rica. Yesterday Michal fell on ice at church and broke her fibula near her ankle. So our good sister Barbara took the two to the airport today. On her way back her car slid into a ditch, though Michal says she is fine. I’ve received an email from Barbara, and she seems to be OK. Anyway, pray for all these!