C.A.O. Essien’s conversion and church growth in Eastern Nigeria

Wayne Burger writes about C.A.O. Essien’s conversion and amazing work in Eastern Nigeria in the 20th Century. A wonderful read. Thousands were baptized and many churches established before any Americans arrived.

Wishing to better his English, Essien responded to an ad to learn English that he saw in a magazine. It was an ad from the International Correspondence School in Munich and Anna Marie Braun became his teacher. At the bottom of one of his English lessons, Essien scribbled a note, “Do you know of a Correspondence Course that teaches the Bible?” On the graded return form Braun wrote, “Try the Lawrence Avenue Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee.” He wrote for a course and began studying the Bible in this way. During the year he finished the course and had requested another 140 courses to give to others.

Roy Davison marks 50 years in Belgium


Today on BrotherhoodNews.com, brother Roy Davison shared his perspective on his 50 years spent in kingdom service in Belgium.

Among his many works are the websites he maintains:

In 97 I launched the Old Paths Archive on the Internet (oldpaths.com) which now has about a thousand visitors each day. I also publish 20 other web sites with teaching material in Dutch, French, German, Russian and Chinese. All of these sites combined get about a million visitors per year. Continue reading “Roy Davison marks 50 years in Belgium”

Will this pioneer work continue?

Rolfe and Valeria
Rolfe and Valeria

After two years in a brotherhood training program, the young couple Rolfe and Valeria began, by themselves, a new work in a Brazilian state capital in March, 2012.

The city is São Luís, on the South Atlantic Ocean, with over a million in population. The state, Maranhão, at the western edge of the northeast region of Brazil

No work by churches of Christ has ever been done in this city before. Rolfe and Valeria wanted to see the gospel reach this untouched city for Christ. They have God’s mission at heart, and their commitment to this purpose is strong. Continue reading “Will this pioneer work continue?”

Two Christmas Eve prayer requests

Please pray for dona Ritinha, whose husband has just passed away. We’re awaiting word about the burial, which will likely occur tomorrow. She is a faithful Christian who participates in our home group studies, and has remained faithful in spite of her two daughters falling away. Her husband was not a Christian.

Also, our friend and former neighbor, Edson, has been in the hospital for over a week, with a stroke, diabetes, and an unknown bacterial infection. He’s a bit younger than I. I visited him today. He’ll be hospitalized until after the new year, doctors say. His son Caio and our boys were good friends.

A blessed Christmas to all.

[I meant to send this to my GoSpeak site, but posted it here by mistake. But perhaps it will result in more prayer!]