How to train men without a training school?

train-men-bibleOver on the GoSpeak ministry site, the latest report devotes a few paragraphs to training men to preach. Not much is said about how that was done. Below are a few thoughts on that process.

My title for this post may sound provocative. Or intriguing. Many of our folk think — and I’ve heard it said and read affirmations to the effect — that a successful mission work depends on having (1) a permanent church building, (2) a full-time preacher, and (3) a preacher-training school. Continue reading “How to train men without a training school?”

Crieve Hall holds Missions Emphasis Week

Crieve Hall church in Nashville TN hosted a Missions Emphasis Week Sept. 30, Oct. 3 and Oct. 7, 2012.

Speakers included Loy Mitchell, Gordon Hogan, Bill and Lola Margaret Hall, Stan Mitchell, Debra Mitchell, Ken Forrest, Michael Bowen, David Tarbet, John Reese, Glen Henton, Sharon Short, Phil Waggoner, Brian Davis, Tammie Dye, Earl Edwards, Mark Blackwelder, Tom Langley, Randy English, Jason and Rachel Baker, Philip Boyd and Barry Baggott.

The videos can be seen on vimeo.

About those missionary reports

Over on Forthright Magazine, Mike Brooks, somewhere between Nepal, Bangladesh, and the US, asks, “Are Missionary Reports Necessary?” He starts off by saying,

A common complaint often made by elders and mission committees is that they rarely or never hear from their supported missionaries. If they do hear from them, it is only to request more money.

Paralleling that is the cry from busy missionaries, “I just don’t have time for all these reports.” Their frustration is increased by the knowledge that many of their messages lie stacked up unread in church building lobbies.

Let’s see, time to write up my newsletter for last month which I’ve not had time to do yet …

Money in ministry and missions: how does it fit in?

How does money fit in?

I’m not sure I catch all the author wants to say on this article, but I like the feel of it. I don’t know this site, so I can’t speak for other teachings. This tip confuses me:

Tip 1 – The ministry is to generate its own support. (Lk 8:1-3)

The passage in Luke refers to contributions that people made to support Jesus’ ministry. The tip sounds like a ministry should be self-supporting, so I’m a bit baffled by his meaning. Here’s what it might mean, and where I would amen:

  1. Don’t sit waiting for help to fall from the sky. God provides, but to those who seek.
  2. Don’t take money from the people you’re trying to convert. I’m grateful our brethren don’t ask for money in their TV and radio programs. See 3 John 7-8.
  3. Having said this, Paul accepted, yea, expected new converts and churches to take up the cause of preaching the gospel and its support. So he did receive money from new churches like Philippi. Maybe this is what the tip above means.

One of the best pieces of advice I received early on was to consider money last when it came to support, projects, or needs. Putting it up front will kill a dream. It very likely will focus on the means rather than the end.

What is your take on the link above?

Do missionaries feel the greater burden of ‘serious praying’?

Watchful prayerMike Brooks writes today in Forthright Magazine about “Serious Praying,” an excellent reflection based on two important words in 1 Peter 4.7. Recommended.

Let’s be sure to pray for Mike’s return from Asia to the US.

The question his article brings to mind is this: Do missionaries and all those who are seriously engaged in doing the Lord’s work to save souls feel a greater burden to pray with greater seriousness and devotion? Do their personal situations and the souls upon whom they have set their sights urge them to more fervent prayer?

What do you think?

Travel tip: vacuum-seal bags

This tip comes from Blake Lawson, of

TRAVEL TIP: One of our missionaries uses vacuum-seal bags inside her carry-on bags. She insists the bags shrink down to a compact package when air is pulled out by a vacuum cleaner. It allows her to fit three times the amount of clothes in a carry-on than would otherwise be possible.

Blake’s information, in case you’re interested, is here: Blake Stiles Lawson, Founder, 877.634.1199, 770.436.1334, 770.928.2659 Fax. I don’t recall using this particular service, nor do I receive any benefit from mentioning. It’s here as a possibility.