Mission statement: Gospel Progress Mission Group exists to bring encouragement to its members through mutual association and to provide opportunity for closer collaboration in a variety of efforts and means, whose impact will be greater as a result of synergistic participation.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 states,

“Two people are better than one, because they can reap more benefit from their labor. For if they fall, one will help his companion up, but pity the person who falls down and has no one to help him up. Furthermore, if two lie down together, they can keep each other warm, but how can one person keep warm by himself? Although an assailant may overpower one person, two can withstand him. Moreover, a three-stranded cord is not quickly broken” (NET).

“More benefit from their labor.” Two mules or horses can pull more harnessed together than they can pull individually. It is no accident that Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs.

The GPMG formed from a single idea, revealed in Scripture, that unity brings strength, that the sum is greater than the parts.

The Group’s name derives from Philippians 1:12: “Now I want you to know, brethren, that my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel” (NASB). It acknowledges that adverse situations, like Paul’s imprisonment, may contribute to the advance of the gospel.

The individuals in GPMG have their own overseeing congregations and funding. GPMG itself is overseen by the Somers Ave. church in North Little Rock, Ark., as a part of Randal Matheny’s ministry.

GPMG, then, is a spiritual network, a mode of communication, an exchange of information, ideas and proposals where people with the same goal and purpose challenge and encourage.

This site also holds posts for BrazilKids and the Maywood Missionary Retreat.

What GPMG is not

GPMG is not a missionary society. It neither receives nor disburses funds, sends no missionaries, determines no one’s future or fate.

GPMG is not a missionary fundraiser. Though its members engage in ministry and invite churches and individuals to participate in their efforts, the Group does not seek funds for activities or projects.

GPMG is not a missionary recruiter. Every member seeks to encourage others to fulfill the mission of God in the world and go to all the nations to preach the gospel, but the Group itself is not an entity designed for the recruiting or equipping of mission teams or missionaries.

Future possibilities

  • A meet-up in person, perhaps every two years.
  • A repository for missions materials, studies and articles.
  • Missions studies in print form.
  • Some form of interaction with missions ministries, training efforts or research projects.
  • Participation in or initiative in publishing a missions journal.